Dr. Melinda Eyrich, DVM

Dr. Eyrich graduated from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has been in small animal practice for over 30 years. She completed two years of training in animal ultrasonography and has been performing cardiac and abdominal ultrasound for the last 7 years. She owns Mission Veterinary Clinic, a Fear Free certified veterinary practice, and she is passionate about providing the best possible care for every animal she treats. We are here to serve both our own patients and imaging only referral patients.

Dr. Rebecca Brahm, DVM

Dr. Brahm graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She then pursued advanced training in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Kentucky and Massachusetts. She stayed in Massachusetts for 10 years before deciding that she was tired of shoveling snow drifts larger than her house. She moved to New Mexico in 2016 and loves the 300 plus days of sun! When not treating her emergency patients, Dr. Brahm can be found reading, watching movies, and planning her next vacation adventure!


Esme Eyrich, Technician

Esmé has had a special connection with animals since she was little. Esmé and her family have five animals: two dogs named Vlinder and Puddles, and three cats whose names are Vlad, Arlo, and Lieutenant Pip. She is currently studying to earn a Biochemistry degree at UNM. She intends in the future to apply to vet school. Esmé loves working with the amazing MVC team in the caring of our patients.

Kailee, Technician

Kailee has been with Mission Veterinary Clinic since July of 2020. She is currently working on her RVT license with an interest in anesthesiology. Kailee spends much of her time with her six animals at home: two dogs named Nina and Fezzik, and her cat Ophelia. Kailee has a fondness for rodents so she’s always happy to talk to you about them if you have any of your own.

Katy Schoen, Receptionist

Katy started as a technician and is our receptionist. She earnestly working hard to learn all she can! Katy was born in California, raised in Texas, and has been living in the Albuquerque area for over 10 years. She has a chocolate lab named Penny who visits hospitals as a therapy dog, and a little gremlin of a beagle named Mabel.

Cassie Roback, Veterinary Technician

Cassie started working at MVC January 2021 as a veterinary assistant. She loves all animals and has had a wide range of pets throughout her life from dog to chinchilla. She recently has adopted one of the kittens that were born at our clinic March 2020. Cassie graduated in 2020 from UNM with a B.A. in Biology and looks forward to applying to veterinary school in the near future.

Michael Desiderio, Technician

I have been in the field for little over 2 years and was led into the field by my love for animals which spans from when I was a kid. As of right now, I have 5 animals, 3 cats and 2 dogs, a German Shepherd/English Mastiff Mix and a German Shepherd/Chihuahua Mix.

Desiree Lucero, Receptionist

Desiree has been working as a veterinary receptionist since 2017, joining the MVC team early 2021. She loves all animals but most of all her 6 doggies.

Breonna Camarena, Lead Technician

Breonna has been a technician since 2012. She loves the field and all the pets who come with it. Her love for the field continues to grow after each pet snuggle she receives. At home, she has 6 dogs and 4 daughters, all of which she loves cuddling with. She likes to spend time with her  family and traveling.

Jade King, Receptionist

Jade has been working with as a receptionist at Mission since 2021. She grew up on a small farm in Placitas and has always had a love for all sorts of animals. She currently has four dogs, Daisy, Cardigan, Willow, and Chewey, and a cockatoo named Dulce. On her days off, she spends time with her pets and knits Dulce sweaters. Jade is new to the veterinary field and loves having the opportunity to learn how to be a technician and be around animals every day.

Sophia Lombardo, Technician

Sophia has been with MVC since March of 2022. She is currently attending CNM’s technician program. She spends her time outside of work rock climbing and hanging out with her cat, Stella.



Kayden Talley, Receptionist

Kayden was raised here in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her sister and two brothers. Kayden has been working around animals since 2017! She started working at MVC in March of 2023 and has always had a love for animals! With four dogs at home, when she’s not doing reception work, she’s hiking and biking with her dogs!



Cheyenne Begay, Technician

As a Grants native and a technician since 2018, Cheyenne has become competent at handling a rural veterinary world from ornery bulls to feisty chihuahuas. Cheyenne became a part of our team in November of 2022. She has four animals at home: two dogs, a cat, and a boyfriend. It’s a household full of love she can’t wait to get home to after a day’s work.



Carissa Ramirez, Receptionist

Carissa joined the veterinary field in 2021 and intends to continue her education in the field to become a certified vet tech. During her free time, Carissa enjoys taking her three dogs on hikes and having lazy mornings.