Grieving after losing a beloved pet is a normal process.  Emotions can fluctuate back and forth between anger, guilt, denial, shock, depression and acceptance.  Every person deals with the grieving process differently. Even the other pets in the home may experience the loss of a furry family member in ways that their human may notice.  Mission Veterinary Clinic would like to provide you with the resources to assist you as you navigate through this difficult time.

Mission Veterinary Clinic offers humane euthanasia when a pet's quality of life has diminished.  Our clinic has a comfort room for you, your pet, and your family to be with your pet during the procedure.  Family members can stay with the pet after the procedure to say goodbye.  The comfort room has its own exit, offering grieving family members privacy upon their departure.

Mission Veterinary Clinic offers 3 options for body care:

  • Burial boxes are available for purchase.
  • Mission Vet can make arrangements for communal cremation (without ashes being returned) through Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services.
  • Mission Vet can make arrangements for private cremation (with ashes returned in an urn) also through Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services.

Paw prints and/or fur clippings are available for purchase when the cremation option has been chosen.

Online Memorials

Share a picture and a memory of your pet on Lasting Paws Online Memorials

Mission Veterinary Clinic partners with Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services for grief support resources.

You don’t have to face this alone...

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. Whether it is sudden or anticipated, the loss of a pet is a highly emotional time. We are excited to offer the Pet Compassion Careline, exclusive to our customers and their pet parents. Available in English, Spanish and French, pet parents and their families will have access to experienced, professional, and confidential counselors.


Understanding Grief Brochure