First of all I definitely want to Thank Dr. Eyrich and her staff for being so considerate and caring for my Beloved dog Sparky. I had Sparky for 16 years plus and even though he had many issues and we had to utanize my Sparky I really appreciate Dr. Eyrich and her staff. They treated us with a lot of empathy and respect for our concerns. You all made us feel so comfortable and like family. They also saved my dog Hendrix from Parvo because of there care And professionalism. May God Bless You All! We are so fortunate at Rio Rancho for have such an excellent veterinary clinic.

Marty V.

Staff at Mission veterinary clinic was very professional and pleasant to talk with. They really showed care and compassion for my dog.

Toni P.

I love my vet and staff. All 4 of my dogs are patients and they especially help me with my sick dog. Totally trust them and glad I was referred to them!

Wendy J.

My dog Oscar loves Katie. He doesn't like too many people. We are very thankful for the great service.

Monica S.

Went to their urgent care hours, wonderful staff and knowledgeable doctor, thankful for the ones who take care of our family members

Samuel H.

Dr. Rey was the most caring vet I’ve seen in a long time after visiting three other vet for an emergency situation with my husky she was the only one willing to sew his leg back together. Also the staff especially Madeleine was so helpful about sending info several times as my email wasn’t working. Can’t recommend any other vet.

Michaela C.

Polite staff, easy scheduling, and a clean, fun atmosphere. Cute items for sale in the lobby as well.


I was frantic trying to find someone who would see my dog at 10:00pm for bloody urine and vomiting. I tried 3 emergency clinics and one refused to see her and another one referred me to Mission. Thank God they did. Madelyn answered the phone when I called and was as sweet and kind as could be and she assured me that they would see her.. I took her there immediately.. they were so so nice and friendly..& you can tell they care very much about their patients and clients. Very grateful to have found them .. I highly recommend everyone here.
Thank you Mission Veterinary Team! You guys rock!

Andrea F.

We really like this clinic. They always try to accommodate us for appointments and their follow up appointments are flexible. Everyone is very nice and we always receive great care for our pup.

Erin A.

Outstanding personalized care! Our pet was hospitalized and we almost lost her. Mission Vet communicated with the hospital during her stay and provided the follow care that she needed. Our doggie is healthy now! She loves the attention and TLC care she receives as Mission Vet Clinic

Deborah R.

They were fantastic. They were highly professional and seemed very competent. They did an awesome job with my large dog that has a lot of anxiety at the vet. I love my dogs and have very high standards for their vet care and I couldn't be happier with the way their first visit went.

Nathan L.

This is the best vet in Rio Rancho. They are very knowledgeable and emphatic about taking care of your animal. I’ve tried other vets in town and none have impressed me the way Mission has. It’s obvious the vet is aware of current science regarding animal care and isn’t practicing outdated medicine. (Which was a problem I found with other vets)

505 Medical Massage

First time visit with 2 senior dogs. Very professional with this difficult customer (they went the extra mile to accommodate my requests). I highly recommend. My dogs loved the vet and the technicians too!

Tammy M.

These ladies take extra good care of your pet. They are calming, caring, thorough, organized, and knowledgeable. Very convenient to all Cabezon residents.

Paula M.

This was our first time here and I will be back! Our little Dachshund mix was scratching like crazy and also needed some vaccines so I decided to give this place a try. They were very friendly and professional and also pretty reasonably priced. We got our little guy on some medication and are awaiting some lab results to see what we can do to stop the itch. Very pleased with my first experience here and if all goes well with the next visit I will be switching to this place for good! *Update*: our little dachshund mix is all fixed up! No more scratching! They also took care of our cattle dog mix that broke his toenail. They got is in very last minute and fixed him up for a very reasonable price. So happy with this place!

Brandy R.